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This is a photo of the print picture of the creature standing over a body. This picture bears a striking resemblance to the Nosferatu Monster. Found on page 232.

Colorful, engaging cover appealing to the twenty-first century perception of "Frankenstein"

Frank.pic.standingwoodbckrnd 1839 ed..jpg

colorful, large summary of text, list of all other titles in the "Treasury of Illustrated Classics", publishing information at the bottom, "adapted for young readers and fully illustrated"



page numbers 65 and 129 with illustrations, beginning of Chapter 8 is displayed, opposing sides are in opposite directions

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This image is used in "Making the Monster" to describe the historical context of surgical augmentation and experimentation with transhumanity, influencing themes in Frankenstein

pages 64 and 128 of the text. 64 is an illustration and 128 is all text.
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