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Tara Tedjarati
A small biography to get to know the creators of this exhibit.

A picture of the monster Nosferatu who bears resemblance to the style of Carbe's Frankenstein's monster. This picture is to be used next to Nino Carbe's illustrations for comparison purposes.

Frankenstein is riding through a dark forest atop a horse. Found on page 96 and 97.

Spread page depicting Frankenstein in a field and chapter XVII. Found on page 156 and 157.

Front Cover
This is the 1984 Pennyroyal Press edition published by University of California Press.

The creature is seen depicted with large fangs, seemingly above a frightened woman. His image appears to bear influence from popular depictions of Dracula. Found on page 42.

20180521_144448 (1).jpg
The section dividers throughout the book are different tools, references to all the different kinds of surgical tools used during the eighteenth century, such as Mary Shelley might have imagined Victor Frankenstein using to piece together his…


20180521_144534 (1).jpg
This image reflects the beauty of Frankenstein's Creature as well as the horrified rejection that Frankenstein feels after creating him.
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