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colorful, large summary of text, list of all other titles in the "Treasury of Illustrated Classics", publishing information at the bottom, "adapted for young readers and fully illustrated"

page numbers 65 and 129 with illustrations, beginning of Chapter 8 is displayed, opposing sides are in opposite directions

Colorful, engaging cover appealing to the twenty-first century perception of "Frankenstein"

pages 64 and 128 of the text. 64 is an illustration and 128 is all text.

Front Cover
This is the 1984 Pennyroyal Press edition published by University of California Press.

Engraved illustrations by Theodor Von Holst. One engraving features the Doctor Victor Frankenstein “[rushing] out of the room” at the sight of the “dull yellow eyes of the creature [opening]” (43), captioned “Frankenstein”; and the other depicts…

Frankenstein is riding through a dark forest atop a horse. Found on page 96 and 97.

Spread page depicting Frankenstein in a field and chapter XVII. Found on page 156 and 157.

A picture of the monster Nosferatu who bears resemblance to the style of Carbe's Frankenstein's monster. This picture is to be used next to Nino Carbe's illustrations for comparison purposes.
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