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This image reflects the beauty of Frankenstein's Creature as well as the horrified rejection that Frankenstein feels after creating him.

The creature is seen depicted with large fangs, seemingly above a frightened woman. His image appears to bear influence from popular depictions of Dracula. Found on page 42.

This is a photo of the print picture of the creature standing over a body. This picture bears a striking resemblance to the Nosferatu Monster. Found on page 232.

Frankenstein is riding through a dark forest atop a horse. Found on page 96 and 97.

Spread page depicting Frankenstein in a field and chapter XVII. Found on page 156 and 157.

Tara Tedjarati
A small biography to get to know the creators of this exhibit.

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This image is used in "Making the Monster" to describe the historical context of surgical augmentation and experimentation with transhumanity, influencing themes in Frankenstein

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pages 64 and 128 of the text. 64 is an illustration and 128 is all text.

page numbers 65 and 129 with illustrations, beginning of Chapter 8 is displayed, opposing sides are in opposite directions
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